42 Latest Halloween Decor Ideas For Kids Room

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Halloween is a fun time because of wearing costumes, pumpkin carving, and trick or treating. And half the fun includes making your own costume and other Halloween crafts for kids. Here are some fun crafts for kids at Halloween.

One of the most popular craft for Halloween is making costumes. You can search for your costume in thrift shops and just personalize it to achieve your desired result. Help your child doing this. If your child wants a devil costume, you can buy red clothes from thrift shops and headband for the horns and paint his/her face with red and black paint.

You can also make your living room or your child’s room scary (if he or she wants to!) by decorating it with some Halloween symbols. You can draw cats, bats, moons, and witches on a piece of black construction paper and attach them on your glass window. You can also cover your light with red cellophane plastic to achieve that scary lighting.

Spiders are also parts of Halloween celebration. You can scare people by making these arachnids using egg cartons. Cut the sections of the egg cartons and paint them with black paint all throughout. Punch holes on the sides and insert feet made from pipe cleaners. glue some googly eyes which you can buy from craft stores. You can hang these from your ceiling or window or just have them lying around anywhere.

You can make miniature pumpkins out of acorns. Gather some acorns of different sizes and paint them with orange paint. Paint black for the eyes and eerie mouth and-voila!-you now have miniature pumpkins. You can even make these into earrings. Just attach a hook and wear them with your Halloween costume.


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