Marvelous Thanksgiving Decoration Diy Ideas To Home Décor 43
Marvelous Thanksgiving Decoration Diy Ideas To Home Décor 43

45 Marvelous Thanksgiving Decoration Diy Ideas To Home Décor

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Thanksgiving is a couple weeks away so you need to hurry up and make those decorations. I always love bringing something to my Aunt’s house to share with everyone, whether it’s a dinner treat, dessert or a home decor craft she can keep. I hear Thanksgiving gift baskets are popular; if you’re making it for yourself or giving it as a gift. I find the best part about these gift baskets is that you can switch out the flowers and have a fresh look every season.

During Christmas you can have beautiful red poinsettias with some ruby berries along with glittery greenery. You can always throw in some pine cones if it looks good. Whatever your style is you can make it look good. What you’ll need to make this gift basket is:

* Walnut Hollow® #26162 Alphabet HotStampTM Set
* Walnut Hollow® #23906 Creative Versa-ToolTM
* Assorted Silk Flowers (Autumn Colors, or whatever season you’re creating it for)
* Chipwood Rectangle Basket
* Floral Foam Block
* Glass Mat or Surface
* Electrical cord
* Hot glue gun or foam adhesive
* Pliers
* Tape

In order to make this lovely gift basket you need to follow these easy instructions:

1. Before using the Creative Versa-ToolTM, read all instructions and follow all safety precautions. Attach the Star Stamp Point to Creative Versa-ToolTM and tighten with pliers. Use tape to secure stand to hard surface. Place Creative Versa-ToolTM on stand. Plug tool into electric outlet, press switch “On”, and let heat four to five minutes.

2. Stamp Star Point onto basket in an even complimentary design. Remove Star Stamp Point with pliers.

3. Attach Alphabet HotStampsTM to the Creative Versa-ToolTM and tighten with pliers. Stamp “Welcome” onto front top portion of basket. Unplug the Creative Versa-ToolTM and let cool. When completely cool, remove the Point.

4. Glue the foam block inside the basket with hot glue or foam adhesive.

5. Put the silk flowers inside the basket securing them in to the foam.

Again, you can use any colored flowers or greenery you wish. If this is a summer welcoming gift basket or just decorative craft you can use any brightly colored florals. You can even add some ribbons or little embellishments until it matches your taste and design skills.

I found some other really cute Autumn decorating ideas you might be interested in. The Twisted Flower shows you beautiful wreaths and floral arrangements.


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