Awesome Small Pool On Backyard41
Awesome Small Pool On Backyard41

45 Awesome Small Pool On Backyard

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Swimming pools, being for the most part outdoors and enjoyed in the Sun, are the perfect candidate for many solar power applications. Using standard heating equipment can be a huge expense, even for small pools. For just a single season, a pool heater can use an estimated $500 worth of gas and electric utilities! Taking advantage of free energy from our sun has the potential to eliminate this expense entirely.

Solar water heating takes advantage of some fairly simple mechanisms. Basically, a heat conductive material collects heat from the sun, which is used to heat the water. It is then stored in an insulated tank, to be pumped into the swimming pool as needed. For greater volume and efficiency, a system of mirrors can help redirect and focus the Sun’s rays.

This process, of course, is all done with no additional monthly expense. The only expense, in this case, is the initial equipment cost. A solar pool heating system requires much of the same equipment as a standard heater, but adds the extra expense of the solar components. Of course, as with any solar power application, there is a great upside. At any expense, the solar equipment will essentially pay for itself. In the case of a pool that is used year-round, it is possible to save an estimated $2,000 per year!

A solar powered water heater also boasts a fantastic safety record. With no gas being used, and no pilot light forever burning, there is absolutely no risk of fire. This can even ease the equipment’s installation, as no gas hookup is required. There’s no argument; solar water heating for the backyard pool is the only way to go.

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