42 Rustic Bright Home Design Decor Ideas

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If you have always longed to decorate your home with Mexican decor then there is no better time than now to start planning you ideal home interior design.

The Mexican theme can look great with any home because it is all about working with what you have on the inside of your home. You do not have to actually live in a Mexican style home to have one inside!

Here are some helpful ideas to get the ball rolling and have you on your way to decorating your dream home.

Mexican decor can consist of bright and powerful colors and it can also be toned down with rustic decor and muted tones. You should pick the style that you prefer.

For a more country, Mexican ranch feel you can purchase a items like rustic tables a rustic dresser and even a bed frame match. Choose colors like beige and brown or white and beige or whatever color schemes you are more comfortable with.

You could even opt to add a small pop of color into the mix, such as some turquoise throw pillows to add some variety to your color combinations.

Mexican tiles may also be purchased to pull your Mexican theme together. Consider taking some of the tiles and getting them framed. You can do this yourself easily by getting a piece of wood or other hard backing and then using a silicone sealant to glue the tiles in place.

You can then have your piece framed in a pretty rustic frame or something colorful to match the tiles. Hang this art work up in your bedroom or living room to create a nice point of interest.

Another idea that you might want to use is to purchase some cacti and succulent plants for your home. You can arrange them in some pretty clay or colorfully, glazed planters for extra punch. Sit these on your dressers, coffee tables or your kitchen window for a fun decorative design.

Browse through some home decor magazines to get more ideas and you too can have your dream Mexican hacienda.


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