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Going green is the latest trend to hit beauty stores, and finding the perfect all natural lip balm can be over whelming, and expensive, so why not consider making your own? It’s easier than one could imagine, and the ingredients are cheap, and can be bought at any natural food, or craft store. You’ll need to pick up the following: beeswax, petroleum jelly, honey [which adds moisture] essential oils of your choice and Vitamin E [optional] which adds extra vitamins to your lips to keep them healthy. Your possibilities are un-limited and you can create virtually any scent under the sun; from coconut jasmine to green tea mint!

Melt your petroleum jelly over low heat, and when you find that it’s completely melted, add the essential oils of your choice, honey, and  Vitamin E [if you’re feeling extra crafty] stir, and take off oven stove top to cool. When your mixture is pleasant to the touch [but not hardened] put into containers. You can purchase tubes, glass pots or just use Tupperware to store your homemade lip balm. Put it in the fridge, and wait a full 24hrs for essential oils, and vitamins to sink in. When the day is done, you’ll have a homemade, organic lip balm! Even the laziest beauty addicts can make their own lip balm, and little pots make excellent stocking stuffers for friends and family! You can experiment with hundreds of different scents, and take the time to create lovely packaging once you get the hang of lip balm making. Better yet? You’re treating your body to a one hundred percent organic lip balm that will keep your lips moisturized all winter long!


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