42 Astonishing Diy Canopies Ideas For Bedroom On A Budget

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Decorating a new room can be exciting and fun, especially when it comes to the bedroom. If you’re looking for something beyond traditional bedroom furniture, with style, color and individuality, you might consider some DIY projects or unconventional furnishing options. From fashioning your own headboard to choosing wacky and unique end tables and painting bookcases, you can create your own personal colorful oasis.

Install a Hanging Closet

If you have limited space in your closet, or no closet at all, an improvised solution can be easily installed. Hanging a wooden rod from two ropes from the ceiling makes a unique solution to an overcrowding problem. Not only will this allow you more room to hang your clothes, you’ll be adding color as well. Swap out clothes from your dresser to your hanging closet to change the look periodically.

Pick a Statement End Table

Bedroom furniture can be versatile, especially if you’re looking for a unique and fun look. Consider a statement table for your alarm clock and glass of water next to your bed. A statue of an octopus or half a globe can turn a normally uninspiring part of the room, into something to look at.

Install a Custom Headboard

The bed is the center of the bedroom. Since lots of frames don’t come with headboards attached, you might consider fashioning one yourself. There are many different ways to make your own headboard, some quite easy and others slightly complicated, depending on your budget and time. Perhaps the easiest material to work with is repurposed wood. Wood is extremely versatile and you can stain, paint or leave it how it is to achieve an earthy full-bodied look. You can also hang a tapestry or large work of colorful art just above the pillows.

Hang a Canopy

If you don’t have the budget or time for making and installing a headboard, but still want a dramatic and fun look, you might consider a canopy. Canopies vary in all different colors, materials, levels of opaqueness and how they can be hung. While traditional canopies hang from a four post bed and are usually sheer, you can choose to hang an opaque patterned canopy in a teepee fashion for a low standing bed frame. This can also help to create a private sleeping space for those who live in studio apartments.

Paint Your Bookcase

Bookcases are a nice addition to a room with ample space. If you’re looking for a fun DIY project to add more color to a black or brown bookcase, consider painting the inside of the shelves. A rainbow look, solid color or pattern will turn any bookcase into a truly unique piece of bedroom furniture.

Color and individuality can make any room feel like it’s truly your own. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through your belongings. The good thing about bedroom furniture is that it can always be replaced, so don’t be shy about making modifications that meet your wants and desires.


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