47 Attractive Small House Decor Ideas

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If you live in a small house or apartment, you know the challenge of decorating small rooms and small spaces. There are specific home decorating ideas and tips that will make decorating less of a challenge in these small areas.

One of the biggest challenges for those of you with larger furniture is fitting it into smallish rooms without making the space look cluttered. You can diminish this by minimizing the number of art pieces on the walls, keeping the walls all one color, using blinds rather than drapes, moving all photos to a gallery section over the stairs ensuring good color coordination with adjoining rooms.

Home decorating tips for multipurpose rooms include using the same color scheme throughout the room but painting walls that you want as a focal point in an accent color which also helps to separate the room.

Make sure you develop a plan before starting to paint. Using the graduated paint colors found on card samples at paint stores will help you coordinate the colors and make the job easier. Use accessories and throws in the accent colors to bring the whole space together or emphasis the color scheme in one area of the room.

A tried and true way to solve storage problems in small rooms is to use multipurpose furniture. For instance, find a coffee table which is essentially a wooden box with a lid. It can be used for storage as well as a table for snacks or your favorite coffee table book. You should be able to find plenty of both new and used multipurpose furniture on the market today.

Another way to get stuff off the floor in small rooms is to make use of attractively arranged shelves. A good place to start is to put small objects in a small decorative box or basket and place it on a shelf. See how you like it and go from there with additional shelves.

In most rooms there is a good deal of wall space waiting to be used. You can display decorative items as well as using the space for storage. Vertical space is a great storage solution for small rooms and small spaces. It can be attractive as well as functional. Think about using shelving (wall-mounted or freestanding), tall dressers, armoires, or other unique furniture pieces that will take advantage of the vertical space in the room.

Remember… the space is yours. Decorate and organize it in a way that makes your small room a place that is inviting to you and those you will be sharing it with.

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