40 Outstanding Luxury Architectural Designs You Must See

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The Tudor style homes of are romantic and cozy. They are built in the mould of Tudor architecture and ensure every comfort to the owners of these coveted assets. There are many such houses in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles.

The Hollywood hills form the most prosperous and fashionable quarters of Los Angeles. What can be better than one of those richly furnished architectural designed homes in the Hollywood Hills to live in? The homes are synonymous with style and luxury, magnificent in structure and elegant to look at. Whether you want to reside in the mansions built in the Mediterranean style or you want one of those Spanish architectural patterns to adorn your abode, the architectural designed homes in the Hollywood Hills offers you a range of designs to choose from.

Among the other styles of real estates that the architectural designed homes in the Hollywood Hills has to offer, the Tudor style is unique. Named after the Tudor monarchs of England, the houses have a heritage of their own. They owe their origin to the fifteenth and sixteenth century architecture. But what are the features of the Tudor style architectural designed homes in the Hollywood Hills? They have roofs that are abruptly pitched, lofty and slender windows having small window panes, outstanding cross gables and chimneys that are decorated with wooden frames or half timbering. The gaps between the wooden timbers are sealed with ornate bricks or stucco. These buildings are close to the medieval structural designs. Brimming with a sense of historical credence, these houses are essentially romantic and cozy to live in.

When it comes to the choice of a basic home, the Tudor style is much popular. They are reminiscent of the English homes during the reign of the Tudors. These Tudor style architectural designed homes in the Hollywood Hills have some special features that differentiate them from the other houses built in the Spanish style or in the American bungalow style. Apart from the exterior that has been pointed out, the interiors too reflect a style typical to the Tudors. For instance, the hinges and the door knobs are marked with a sharp Gothic manner. They are dark and robust, outsized and hand-forged. The homes are painted in hues like dark green and deep maroon, combined with lighter shades of blue, yellow, pink or cream. The lights are typically made in the mode of candle burning or oil-burning lamps


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