47 Elegant Home Bar Designs For Your House Party

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When you ask baseball fans what happened back in 1994, most would probably tell you that it was a bleak year for baseball. With the majority of Major League players on strike, no World Series took place. Football enthusiasts were shocked when their hero OJ Simpson was arrested in the killings of his wife and friend. Music buffs were deeply saddened when Grunge Rock genius Kurt Cobain took his life.

But 1994 was not a sad year for all people. Ask furniture aficionados what happened back then and they will most likely say that it was the year when Hillsdale furniture was launched.

Relatively young compared to other furniture manufacturing giants, Hillsdale has nevertheless made its mark on the furniture industry. By employing the talents of top American designers and recognized and respected furniture factories across the globe, Hillsdale was able to provide the best furniture for homeowners.

Hillsdale manufactures many types of furniture, such as quality bedroom furniture, daybeds, dining sets, and bar stools. Indeed, Hillsdale is among the top makers of high quality bar stools in the US.

As with other Hillsdale products, Hillsdale stools for home bars are definitely unique. Unlike other furniture makers, Hillsdale uses talented designers to incorporate proven bar stool designs from furniture history books and suggestions from customers. And the result of all this is what sets apart Hillsdale stools from others: cutting edge design.

Most bar stools seem to be one-dimensional and look ordinary. All metal. All wood. Metal and leather. Metal and vinyl. And so on. With Hillsdale, though, customers have the option to get totally unique and stylish stools for the bar. That is because Hillsdale combine many materials, like metal, wood, stone, and leather, to create cutting edge and fashionable bar stools. If your home bar is looking dull, then you can certainly jazz it up with fashion forward Hillsdale stools.

But are their stools costly? Well, the usual rule is that style and elegance comes with a price. Designer clothes are more expensive than normal brands. Luxury cars cost more than normal autos. High-tech computers have higher price-tags compared to mundane PCs. That may be true with many products. But not with Hillsdale bar stools. Enhancing your home bar would not empty your coffers if you get affordable Hillsdale stools.

One great example of a Hillsdale-made stool is the Mansfield swivel bar stool. This wooden stool has a criss-cross back design, brown cherry finish, and a traditional black faux leather seat.

Another chic Hillsdale stool for the bar is the Kingston game swivel leather back stool. It is made of hard wood and features leather trim with padded seating, cushioned arms, and upholstered back.

There are other fashionable and quality Hillsdale stool series available online, such as the Benson, Fleur de Lis, Morvich, Pompei, Spring Garden, and Venus. Start shopping now and order Hillsdale bar stools to take that dull look away from your home bar


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