40 Eye Catching Contemporary Bedroom Designs For Your Home

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If you’re getting a little fed up with your bedroom and you’re thinking of jazzing things up a bit, then a few key items of contemporary bedroom furniture could be just what you need. Contemporary furniture is a fantastic addition to your sleeping quarters, with an amazing range of modern contemporary beds, bedside tables and chests of drawers available to suit all different budgets.

Contemporary bedroom furniture is good for brightening up a room for many reasons – the very reasons that make it so different from more traditional styles of furniture. Firstly, there’s colour – contemporary bedroom furniture is all about high impact, statement colours. Bold and bright, contemporary furniture was a stark departure from the warmer, earthier tones of previous styles. There is a school of thought that this may be due to the belief, popular at the time, that colour had an effect on mood and reflected self-confidence. Whatever the reason, it means that contemporary beds or a bright chest of drawers will pep up your bedroom and bring a little light into your life.

Before the contemporary movement, furniture had been crafted almost exclusively out of wood and iron. This presented certain limitations within its application and made for centuries worth of design that tended heavily towards huge, chunky items with decorative, fussy carvings that would dominate a room more for its size than its design. These items were imposing and ostentatious, whereas due to the use of a variety of new materials, contemporary beds and other pieces were able to take a sleeker, simple, and less cluttered look.

Designers started to experiment with more malleable materials, and combined technology and art to create more impressive and unusual forms. Steel (especially stainless), plastics, plywood and glass allowed the pioneers of contemporary furniture to play around with form; creating curves, geometrical shapes and everything in-between.

All of these stylistic elements of contemporary bedroom furniture make it the perfect choice for injecting some dynamism into your room. By breaking away from the tradition and choosing a contemporary bed, adding striking bedside tables and an eye-catching chest of drawers, the whole space will look and feel fresh, funky and fantastic. You can also choose some modern lighting and contemporary mirrors and position them so that the light bounces around the room, making it feel more spacious and offering the perfect ‘gallery’ feel to show off your contemporary bedroom furniture to its absolute best


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