40 Functional Ideas How To Decorate Your Pantry Properly

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Modern pantries have evolved from the “butteries” of the old West, and now have a wide range of shelving options available to home owners. Not to be confused with normal kitchen cabinetry, the pantry is often used as a storage area for dry, or canned, foods that do not require refrigeration or constant use. This storage space usually takes on the appearance of a closet filled with food items and the occasional cleaning tool. However, it is the design and manipulation of space that allows each pantry to be unique, as well as hold varying amount s of food items. Pantry shelving system is the ubiquitous choice when first considering how to properly divide pantry space into effective and efficient means of storage.

Many home purchases come with pantries that already have some sort of pantry shelving system in place, but what does a homeowner do if they want to replace these, to make it more efficient and accessible? Well, the answer can be found in any multitude of home improvement and furniture stores in your area. Pantry shelving units, can be found in national chain stores in just about every material imaginable. The most popular choices include wire shelving, pre-made wooden units, and plastic shelving systems. There are also a wide number of features that users can choose in order to simplify their designs and maximize their space. Items such as corner shelves, door shelving units, and pull-out, or sliding, pantry cabinets.

The metal pantry shelving systems, are usually based on long, open, and metal shelves designed to be easily installed with only a few screws, and are the best option for installation beginners. Wooden shelves for the pantry can be found in all varieties of natural fibers, including Oak, Pine, Maple, and even Bamboo. These are a little more difficult to install, as they require some carpentry skills, but can be personalized to fit any style of existing kitchen decor. Plastic units are pre-casted, require no installation, and offer limited personalization.

In choosing the right shelves for your pantry there are several important factors to consider. First, the amount of space available will often determine what kind of shelving units are appropriate. Free standing pantry shelves will occupy more space than wall-mounted pantry shelving systems, and will also be surprisingly weak in their ability to hold large amounts of weight. Second, as previously mentioned, the amount of weight that will be required to be held will justify which type of pantry shelves to purchase. Wall-mounted systems are often directly attached to wall studs by screws, and are therefore often stronger and less likely to bend. Price, is the final, and most important piece of the puzzle. Wall-mounted pantry shelving systems are cheaper than plastic shelving systems, which are,in turn, cheaper than wooden systems.


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