Build Your Dream Home With Customized Brick Designs
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Build your dream home with customized brick designs

Building your dream home is a serious task. While making a list of all the attributes you want in your new house may be fun, reality sets in when it comes time to budget.

Fortunately, with Flawless Design and Build on your team, you can avoid the pitfalls of costly mistakes.


Building a home is one of the most extensive construction projects that you can undertake. There are countless details to take care of, from choosing the right flooring and furniture to selecting the best construction material. Brick is one of the most versatile and durable options for a building project, and it comes in a wide range of colors and styles. However, with so many choices available, it can be difficult to know which brick is best for your dream home. Luckily, custom bricks are now available, providing you with the ultimate flexibility in design.

The right brick dimensions can make or break your building project. This is because the size of a brick can impact its functionality and aesthetic. Bricks are typically categorized according to their quality, with first-class bricks being deep red and free from flaws like cracks. Other types of brick include second-class, which have small cracks or distortions, and third-class, which are soft and light in color.

Aside from the color of a brick, the shape and size can also determine how well it fits in the space. For example, a standard brick is often rectangular, but there are also square, triangle, and round bricks. Additionally, bricks can be arranged in different patterns to create unique and beautiful designs. Two popular patterns are basketweave and herringbone, both of which use pairs of bricks to form a pattern.

Unlike standard bricks, which are produced on a large scale in factories, custom bricks can be made in any shape and size you want. This flexibility allows you to add a personalized touch to your home and to ensure that it will be the perfect fit for your vision.

Bricks can also be customized by special formats, colors, and clay. For example, Petersen Tegl offers a variety of bricks in special shapes, sizes, and colors to meet the specific needs of each project. The result is a high-quality building material that will complement your vision and enhance the beauty of your new home.


Brick has long been a construction stalwart for good reason, displaying resilience and durability that has withstood the test of time. This strength translates to an excellent choice for your home’s exterior, with its ability to resist the impact of wind, rain, snow, and other environmental conditions.

Brick also offers a level of protection against tornadoes and other natural disasters that can cause significant structural damage to buildings made from other materials. The material’s dense composition and low porosity ensure that it can absorb the shock of debris from tornadoes and other natural disasters, allowing it to continue functioning without compromising its structure.

Aside from their durability, brick facades can add a sense of warmth and charm to your dream home, thanks to its timeless and classic aesthetic. This timeless beauty also helps increase the resell value of your property, making it a smart investment for homeowners who want to stay in their home for as long as possible.

Another benefit of choosing thin brick veneers is their low maintenance. Thin brick veneers can be cleaned with a water-based cleaner and are resistant to mold, mildew, and other forms of fungus that can affect outdoor structures. Additionally, brick is not prone to rot, and it does not require the annual painting that other cladding materials like vinyl may need.

Brick can be crafted into a variety of shapes and sizes, providing architects, builders, and homeowners with limitless possibilities when it comes to creating the perfect facade for their home. With standard bricks, however, the design options are limited due to their mass production in a factory. With custom bricks, on the other hand, a skilled brickmaker can craft unique and innovative types of brick with various colours, textures, clay, and shapes to meet your requirements.

Energy Efficiency

Brick is a durable, energy-efficient building material that can be used in a wide variety of applications. It’s a cost-effective alternative to vinyl or stucco siding, and provides many benefits beyond beauty. It’s also fire-resistant, insect-proof and low-maintenance. In addition, it doesn’t require any harsh chemicals or plastics in production. The natural clay and shale it’s made from are abundant resources, making brick a sustainable choice for architects, interior designers and construction professionals.

Bricks can be used in a variety of bonding styles, such as running bonds or stack bond, to define different spaces within a structure. These techniques can enhance texture and add a sense of rhythm to a façade. In addition, brick can be installed as a component of prefabricated building cladding systems to further explore opportunities for texture and form.

Whether you’re designing a contemporary cliff-top retreat, inner city living/work terrace or heritage restoration project, bricks can enhance any style of building. With the introduction of ultra-thin bricks, builders and designers are able to create even more extraordinary details that will set their projects apart from the rest.

These thinner bricks are manufactured from less clay than traditional varieties, reducing the environmental impact of their production and transportation. They are also lighter, allowing for greater efficiency during installation, further reducing the overall ecological footprint of your home.

In addition to minimizing the impact on the environment, these new bricks can be designed with built-in sensors to optimize energy usage in buildings. These sensors can automatically adjust the brick’s thermal properties to suit environmental conditions, reducing the need for external heating and cooling systems. They can also be designed to self-heal, preventing structural damage and decreasing maintenance costs.

These innovative bricks have the potential to transform modern construction. In the future, they could be equipped with solar panels, allowing buildings to become mini power stations and reduce reliance on external energy sources. They could also be designed to integrate with other smart technology, such as sensors and artificial intelligence, allowing buildings to perform a wide range of functions. They could also be programmed to regulate temperature and other environmental factors, ensuring residents’ comfort, health and wellbeing.


Brick is a timeless material with an expressive design language that can be used to create stunning buildings. From modern contemporary houses to reclaimed heritage facades, the versatility of bricks is a perfect solution for self builders who want to bring their own ideas and expression to their build. Using bespoke bricks allows you to have complete control over the clay, colours and textures, giving you freedom to imagine your dream home.

The brick’s aesthetics have a huge impact on the way people perceive a building. Traditional bricks in a range of colors can complement almost any design style. For example, earthy reds give a classic allure to buildings and accentuate the natural aesthetic of structures that adopt Craftsman or Prairie architectural styles. Brown bricks are a popular choice to add rustic charm and warmth to buildings, while creamy beiges and neutral grays offer a subtle sophistication to designs that aim for a more contemporary look.

Bricks can also be arranged in a variety of bonding patterns to add visual interest. For example, bricks can be laid in Flemish bond (with the long and short faces exposed alternately), stretcher bond, running bond or stack bond. These arrangements can be complemented with a variety of mortar types and finishes to achieve the look you want.

In addition, the mortar that holds bricks in place can be textured and colored to create a unique finish for your project. It can be sanded to a smooth surface or textured and painted in a wide array of colors. The texture of the mortar can be enhanced with a variety of techniques, including raked pointing.

Whether it is an historic building or a new development, brick plays a vital role in the character of a village, town or city. Innovative use of vernacular materials can create striking buildings that connect a structure to its surroundings, while keeping in line with local building standards.

A bespoke brick design can help establish your home’s identity and make it stand out from the crowd. By incorporating different clays, firing methods and colours, you can achieve a truly personalised brick building that is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

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