42 Unique Carpet Designs For Kids Room

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Carpet tiles are available in a variety of colours and designs. On the other hand, did you know that you could still create your own unique look and that you don’t have to be stuck with the commercially produced designs? You don’t even have to purchase super expensive carpet tiles because you can create beautiful flooring even with cheap or inexpensive tiles.

You have the option to purchase a set of single colour or designs, or you can purchase a variety of colours and designs to produce a myriad of designs. Carpet tiles sales have increased and will continue to increase because carpet tile flooring designs are limitless. You only need to use your imagination to develop possible designs that are uniquely your own. Here are a few design ideas to help jumpstart your creativity:

a. Borders – create a border on the outside perimeter of your carpet design. For example, choose a set of carpet tiles that have one colour or print designs and use this to border the tiles that have a more colourful or more decorative print positioned in the middle. You can also do it vice-versa where the more decorative tiles are at the border and more simple designs are in the middle.

b. Runners – if you have a table runner then you can completely understand how a runner looks like. Choose a single design and install it in one straight line while the rest of the carpet flooring is distinctly different. It’s like putting a runway or walkway in the middle of your carpeted flooring. This is ideal if you have a certain area of your home or office that has high foot traffic because you can use darker coloured carpet tiles to minimize the cleaning frequency.

c. Checkerboard – two sets of tile designs are great for this particular design because you are making a checkerboard pattern. If you want a bigger and bolder checkerboard design, cluster the tile designs four (4) squares at a time.

d. Plaid – this tile design can be a bit tricky to achieve since you would require at least four (4) different designs or colours. If you do choose to do a plaid design, take your time in determining the actual amount of tile per design and colour before making a purchase. Mapping out a plaid design pattern that you wish to achieve would also be of great help.

e. Stripes – you don’t have to stick to a single colour pair, make stripes from an assortment of colour that you wish.

f. Patchwork – probably the most colourful among the carpet tile designs since you can use a wide assortment of colour and designs. No two (2) tiles need to be the same when making this particular theme


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