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  • What is transitional interior design?

    What is transitional interior design

    This style fuses contemporary and traditional elements to create a versatile look for your home. This versatile design style emphasizes the use of neutral colors and understated display. Instead of adding bold, modern accents, consider using black and white photographs or antiques in your home. It’s also perfect for existing items, so you don’t have […]

  • What is contemporary interior design?

    What is contemporary interior design

    A modern style has elements that are dynamic and simple. In a contemporary interior, exposed pipes and air ducts hang from the ceiling. Broken bricks and exposed plumbing pipes add texture and interest. Usually painted in contrasting colors, structural elements are blended into the walls. Contemporary style furniture should be uncluttered and make a bold […]

  • How much does interior design cost?

    How much does interior design cost

    When it comes to hiring an interior designer, you should consider several factors before agreeing on a price. Regardless of what kind of design you need, you must make sure that the designer you are considering has the required qualifications to handle your project. Some states require designers to be licensed by the state, while […]

  • How to get into home interior design?

    How to get into home interior design

    Are you interested in working in the field of home interior design? There are several options available to you. You can either work for a reputed design or architecture firm or you can be an in-house designer at a large retail store. Depending on the level of your experience, you can work on a small […]

  • How to design your home interior?

    How to design your home interior

    To begin, you need to decide on a design style. Choosing a style promotes unity and harmony throughout the home. Styles range from classic to shabby chic and everything in between. There are also more specific choices you can make, such as Tuscan, modern Victorian, or French country. Also, consider the use of balance, which […]